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Light Truck & Van


The tyres in this range are designed specifically for vans, minibuses and pick-ups.
All offer excellent load capability, exceptional handling and roadholding and remarkable driving comfort. Noise reduction is also a priority in this range.

Find out more about the main profiles marketed, the full tyre range and the sizes available.



These radial tyres have been developed for on-road use with minibuses and light commercial vehicles. The 4-groove tread offers extended life and superior resistance to irregular wear, whilst reducing transmitted road noise. The semi-circular tread shoulder and small stress-spreading tread block pattern provide maximum cornering response and grip on dry and wet surfaces.


A steel-belted radial tyre developed specifically for minibuses and light commercial vehicles in on-road applications (rib-type tread for superior braking performance).


This ribbed profile tyre offers exceptional wear resistance. Excellent vehicle weight distribution from its 4-block tread pattern, which also minimises irregular wear. The three deep grooves maximise tyre service life.


A standard all-position on-road tyre featuring superior heat resistance, wear resistance and service life. It also delivers reliable high-speed performance on wet surfaces.


This tyre is characterised by the use of a tread and base layer rubber composition offering truly exceptional resistance to cuts and high temperatures.


An all-position tyre for on-road and off-road applications. Its profile delivers excellent traction on rocky and stony tracks, as well as good stability on surfaced roads. This pattern reduces shoulder distortion for improved driving feedback and longer service life. Its 4-line sidewall provides better roadholding when underinflated.


All-terrain tyre for on-road, dry sand and wet sand applications.